What do I have to do to get you to stop honouring me?

The Mirror, May 14, 2009, Page 14

The Mirror, May 14, 2009, Page 14

I give up.

Last year, I asked you specifically not to vote for me in the Mirror’s Best of Montreal poll. You (or at least some of you) wilfully disobeyed me and I placed eighth on the list of best blogs.

This year, I decided to avoid the reverse psychology and say absolutely nothing about the annual readers’ survey when it came out. That failed miserably, because this year I placed No. 2 (behind Midnight Poutine, who are again humble about taking the top spot) and the paper has an interview and picture for all my friends to see (it’s at the bottom, below the giant head of Ted Bird).

The article by Lorraine Carpenter is complimentary (though “Fagstein” wasn’t a schoolyard taunt – they really didn’t need to invent a new name to make fun of me), and Rachel Granofsky’s photo – well let’s just say she took about a hundred shots of me and that was probably the best one (the best photos of me are the ones where part of my face is hidden).

The full list of most popular local blogs, for those interested:

  1. Midnight Poutine
  2. Fagstein
  3. ThriftyTable.com
  4. Mike Ward (*cough*)
  5. Pregnant Goldfish
  6. Said the Gramophone (*cough*)
  7. Nouveau Queer (*cough*)
  8. Spacing Montreal
  9. Black Sheep Reviews (*cough*)
  10. Bitchin Lifestyle (*cough*)

Honourable mentions:

It’s sad that in order to place on this list you essentially have to whore yourself out to your readers (half of the top 10 asked their readers to vote for them in this poll, though some tried to remove the evidence after the fact – I’m looking at you Mike Ward). Two others – Spacing Montreal and Pregnant Goldfish – pimped themselves last year but not this year and subsequently fell in the standings.

But hey, it’s a popularity contest, and that means Céline Dion is on the list for “Most desirable woman”, Jean Charest is on “best politician”, Global on “best TV station”, Metro on “best newspaper”, 3 Amigos tops “best Mexican” and McDonald’s places in multiple food categories.

Unfortunately, that means many high-quality candidates are left off the list. Among them Montreal City Weblog, Coolpolis, Patrick Lagacé, Dominic Arpin, Indyish and Urbania (feel free to nominate your favourite unhonoured blog below).

All that said, I’d still like to thank those who think so highly of this blog and voted for me (which, in the interests of full disclosure, I should admit includes myself – but only once!)

If you’ll excuse me, I have to go pick up a few extra copies for my mom.

27 thoughts on “What do I have to do to get you to stop honouring me?

  1. Erin

    Whooo Steve! I totally voted for you. And you deserved my vote way more than Max Lapierre deserved my “most desirable man” vote, that’s for sure.

  2. Richard

    The last line (the bit about world-domination) is typical fagstein; it’s funny, I feel like I know you, and I’ve only been following you for 6 months or so. Anyways, congrats! :)

  3. Midnight Poutine

    We love you Fagstein, and there’s not much you can do to dissuade us. Sorry. And you should definitely be number one, since I think the only reason we made the list is because we have more writers than you!

    I’m always surprised/disappointed that Indyish.com is never up on the Best Of list. Maybe it’s because they are so much more than a blog. But still. They deserve a bit of credit.

  4. Patrick Lagacé

    T’es bon, mon sacrament. That’s why tu figures dans le palmarès. Lâche pas, don’t give up !

  5. SekhmetDesign

    You’re worth being recognized: you have one of the best blogs online!
    And you should make a huuuuggggeeee poster of this page. It’s be over your shrine, for your followers.
    But the “world domination” plans…it’s mine! I called it before you :P

  6. womb2tomb

    wait, there was that Say Anything premonition: –GET READY FOR GREATNESS, LLOYD–!

  7. Neath

    Congratulations! I guess it’s a good thing I always request to be not on the list because otherwise, well, can you say ranting in a dumpster?

  8. Julien

    Well jouer Mr.

    Now tu peut say que les peoples te laisse des replys comme le son a Waterreal. Maybe que tu va reunited all le Canada…

  9. Laura Roberts

    Hey Fagstein!

    Thanks for the link to my Shoestring Montreal post on my dissatisfaction with 3 Amigos taking the top Mexican spot, and congrats on the #2 blogger spot! You are quite prolific (and well-read), so although Midnight Poutine is a team effort, you do seem fairly able to match them in terms of volume. That’s impressive in and of itself, but if you didn’t even have to ask people to vote for you, it’s even more amazing in this apathetic world.

  10. Frank McCormick

    What can I say about one of the only persons to mark my departure from CBC News ? How about congratulations!! You deserve it!

  11. Lyne

    Who’s Fagstein? And why is half of his face missing? ;-)
    McCormick..don’t feel too bad about the lack of sendoff – Brian Britt just got a 1 or 2 sentence announcement when he left CFCF..
    Fagstein.. if you ever leave your blog thingy… hopefully you won’t be honoured either! ;-)
    P.S. – I came across this post when trying to find the menu for 3 Amigos…

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