You know, when the CRTC is talking about looking at “undue preference” online, I think this page is the kind of stuff that might come up.

In case it isn’t obvious, Canoe is highlighting (literally) Quebecor-owned channels in its TV listings, including, hilariously, its only anglo cable channel, Men TV (owned jointly with Canwest).

2 thoughts on “Quebecorvergence

  1. Joffré

    It’s very nice of them to put the schedule of Shopping TVA so prominently on their website: it consists of literally nothing except Infopublicités, over and over.

  2. B.

    I strongly doubt it — “undue” would really require that other options not be feasible, and it is certainly feasible to have an alternative Web site TV listings option. In fact, there are many. The exception to this would be if Quebecor were monopolizing the TV listings info so that noone but them can create a Web site like this. Are they?


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