Relive the PodCamp Montreal experience

Former TQS tech reporter Jean-Michel Vanasse kicks off the PodCamp Montreal conference with a talk on new media

Former TQS tech reporter Jean-Michel Vanasse kicks off the PodCamp Montreal conference with a talk on new media

On Sept. 19-20 I attended the PodCamp Montreal conference, and a smattering of the 40 seminars given there. Fortunately, bring a technology conference a lot of it was recorded, twittered, photographed (some by me) or otherwise saved. So for those who missed it, I’ve collected some resources below. Some are videos from the UStream feeds that were setup in two of the four rooms. A few are my own videos taken through the iSight camera on my laptop. And others are blog posts or posted slides from the presentations.

Day 1:

Des médias traditionnels aux nouveaux médias

by Jean-Michel Vanasse

Top tips for better blogging

by Kim Vallée

The architecture for (podcasting) happiness

by Katherine Matthews

Twitter and open government

by Tracy Rose

Docteur Balado

by Sylvain Grand’Maison and Bob Goyetche

Sex, trust & transparency: What would Donald Draper blog?

by CT Moore

Editing speech as if it were music

by John Meadows

Fuck me, I’m famous on Facebook!

by Louis Cléroux

Top blogueur

by Kim Vallée, Éric Bolduc, Gabrielle Chalifoux, Cindy Laverdière, moderated by Michelle Sullivan

Building a podcast with Status.Net

by Evan Prodromou

Connecting with your peeps

by Daniele Rossi

Connaissez-vous votre auditoire? Des réseaux sociaux à la statistique

by Pierre-Hugues Carmichael

Utilisation des médias sociaux par les médias traditionnels: l’expérience de RDI Matin et RDI Matin Weekend

by Louis Lemieux and Philippe Marcoux

Podcasting: Now & Zen

by Scarborough Dude

Death and Digital Legacy in Social Media

by Adele McAlear

Free & Slick

by Chris (Zeke) Hand

Comment développer le lectorat de votre blogue?

by Benoit Descary


by Julien Smith

Le Québec et le gouvernement 2.0

by Sacha Declomesnil

Creating richer and more meaningful relationships

by Mark Yerbury

Christian Aubry records presentations at PodCamp

Christian Aubry records presentations at PodCamp

Day 2:

Journalisme 2.0

by Dominic Arpin

What’s so “social” about “social media”?

by Alexandre Enkerli

Podcasting and freemium: a match made in heaven

by Jacob Fortin

Utiliser les CMS et autres outils pour construire sa présence web

by Bernard Prince

Podcast Vidéo 101: Les meilleurs caméras, logiciels, plateforme et stratégies de promotion Web

by Laurent Maisonnave

Shit I should bring to your attention

by Sylvain Grand’Maison

  • Video (skip to one-hour mark)

Le podcast comme outil en éducation

by Marc-André Léger

La loi silence rien

by Botrax Diaz

Questions ouvertes à Michelle Blanc

by Michelle Blanc

Children can change the world

by Allan Isfan

Le web 2.0 sauvera-t-il l’indutrie de la musique?

by Martin Véronneau

Toward a new blogocracy: democratizing mass media

by Kota Talla

Que faire avec moins de 50 000 auditeurs

by Jean-François Blais

Definitely not your father’s accounting firm

by Duncan Stewart & Katheline Jean-Pierre

Musique 2.0: Perte de temps? Ennemi? Solution? Discussions!

with Jacynthe Plamondon-Émond, Pierre B. Gourde, Jean-Robert Bisaillon, moderated by Marc-André Laporte

8 weeks into Twitter: the basics

by Marie-Josée Drouin

Le journalisme “open sources” et ses relations avec les médias indépendants

by Christian Aubry

We are not in Blogland anymore, Toto!

by Sylvain Carle

Le côté humain du marketing viral: on partage?

by Olivier Mermet

Les médias sociaux, les jeunes et l’école … une collision en vue?

by André Roux

Did I miss anything? Slides or resources, add them in the comments below.

UPDATE (Dec. 8): New audio for Botrax Diaz’s talk “La loi silence rien”

4 thoughts on “Relive the PodCamp Montreal experience

  1. Eden Spodek

    Steve, Thank you so much! I’ll help spread the word. The PodCamp Toronto organizing team is beginning to ramp up for next year. Hopefully someone will share a post like this when the time comes.


  2. Michelle Sullivan

    Fantastic Steve – thanks very much. I’ve tweeted a link to this page through the PodCamp Montreal channel in the hopes that everyone who attended (or who wanted to attend) will check it out.

    Suggesting something like this for next year’s PodCamp Montreal just happened to be on my to-do list for the PodCamp Montreal postmortem that is set to happen this week. We’re pretty good at organizing the event, but afterwards are so exhausted that we’re weak on the followup. Thanks for picking up where we left off! Greatly appreciated.



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