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Le Devoir today has a series of articles about the 15th anniversary of Canal D, the documentary/educational network launched on Jan. 1, 1995. About half are subscriber-locked, but there’s some open ones worth reading:

Stéphane Baillargeon also discusses the changes happening at Canal Savoir, which turned 25 this year.

4 thoughts on “Spécialisées

  1. Shawn

    Re the digital doc story, I know there’s been a lot of buzz around the NFB’s iPhone app. I don’t have one (I don’t even have a cell phone) but the thing is free and CNET’s been gushing over it.

  2. Jim Joyce

    The whole thing is a Canal D publi-reportage. And Canal D can’t compare to european ARTE-TV, BBC…my nickname for it is Canal Déchet.

    1. Shawn

      Certainly they have a fraction of the budget of those other nets. My guess is that if Canal D is compared to others of similar size, they’d come off looking pretty good.


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