CFCF losing Daniele Hamamdjian

Daniele Hamamdjian

Daniele Hamamdjian

Friday will be Daniele Hamamdjian’s last day at CFCF.

It’s for a good cause, though: the young reporter is taking a new job at CTV national news, only three years after getting a job at CFCF. (You can read her bio on the website.)

“For someone who considers herself to be both a francophone and an anglophone, it doesn’t get much better than Montreal,” Hamamdjian tells Fagstein. “However, when an opportunity like this comes along… you can’t not jump on it.”

Indeed. At least we’ll still be seeing her, only more on the 11 o’clock news (and CTV News Network) and less at 6 and 11:30.

Asked what message she has for Montreal viewers (those who just like to look at her and otherwise), she offered this:

Our viewers… have made me laugh, and they’ve made me cry.  If anything, I’d like to thank them for their honesty. I’ve had a whole lot of fun telling their stories, and I can only hope they’ve enjoyed being along for the ride.

So now who’s going to talk to teenagers about them always thinking about sex?

9 thoughts on “CFCF losing Daniele Hamamdjian

  1. Sophie Charbonneau

    Chère petite,

    Ta maman et tous les gens qui t’aiment sont si fiers de toi… et avec raison. It was a pleasure meeting you and thanks for sharing CFCF for a brief moment with me. I know it’s a bit scary this new adventure…. but you’ll do great!!! I wish you all the best and will keep watching the news…. and get more news from May.

    Good luck
    Sof x

  2. Dominique

    What will she be doing at CTV national? Does this mean a change for Genevieve Beauchemin, the Quebec reporter for National?

  3. Lewis

    She’ll be moving to the Ottawa news bureau (politics – so we’ll still get to see her pretty often). My guess is she’ll be replacing Graham Richardson who’s leaving to replace retiring CTV Ottawa news anchor Max Keeping.

  4. Sats

    In a very recent interview with a French radio station, she answered “Politics,” when asked what her least favourite subject was to cover. Added, I can’t think of one politics-related story she (may have) covered…

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  6. carmine paglia

    I had the honor of speaking with Daniele one time over the phone and when she spoke to me it was as if we were old friends.

    Later I saw Daniele covering on the news in Haiti covering the earthquake disaster. I could not help but worry about this young woman in a distrought nation. Not too many would leave a cushiony desk job here in the safety of our country to cover the disater in another country.

    Daniele, I admire your courage and the Haitian people will always be grateful to you.


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