PJ Stock too cool for Montreal

PJ Stock

P.J. Stock, a former journeyman NHL player turned hockey analyst, has come to the realization over the past few months that he was stretching himself a little too thin. His main gig at Hockey Night in Canada involved a lot of travelling between Toronto and Montreal on weekends.

Though he contributed regularly for CBMT’s evening newscast, he cut that weeks ago (CBC says it’s looking for a replacement). Last week, he said goodbye to an afternoon radio show on the Team 990. He’ll be replaced there by Randy Tieman of CFCF.

Stock says he wants to spend more time with his family. And admiring himself in the mirror.

13 thoughts on “PJ Stock too cool for Montreal

  1. Priscilla

    Good riddance. The guy and his hockey “insights” are cringe inducing. I couldn’t believe it when HNIC gave him a national platform.

  2. Lloyd

    Me thinks you’re all being a little too harsh. Realistically, he was working seven days a week if you include the commute back from The Big Smoke every Sunday afternoon. Along with appearances on some of the Franco yak/scream/babble TV sport shows on a few weeknights. Man, with five kids, I’d want to slow things down a bit and spend a bit of time with the family too ! Do agree that his grammar still needs a bit of fine tuning. But he’s not that bad. Rather entertaining to boot. And he knows The Game !

  3. Julia

    PJ Stock was the most entertaining guy at 990. Randy is a big fat bore. I’ll only listen to Tony Marinaro’s show now once in a while. I liked it when he and Tony mixed it up. PJ on his own rocked it – bad grammar and all. He was the most entertaining and opinionated guy there – agree or disagree.

    Good luck buddy!

    Typical Canadian jealousy to see a successful guy from most of the previous posters here and fagstein … how provincial really.

    1. Fagstein Post author

      My jokes about his vanity notwithstanding, I’m not trying to be critical of Stock. He has his priorities and they’re admirable. Giving up his radio and TV gigs opens them up for other people to fill.

  4. Steve

    This guy was boring never mind his bad grammer he has limited knowledge of anything besides hockey.

    I always changed stations when he came on.

    The Team990 has many young guys that can take over if Randy does not work out.

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  7. Les Pynn

    I coached PJ in Dollard des Ormaeaux from an early age with his Dad; we won everything in sight due to PJ and his brother Dean so PJ keep going man; I have great memories and great to see your career in the NHL and now on TV.


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