Street View expands in Canada

After launching in a few major cities in October, and then expanding to more second-tier cities in December, Google Street View has expanded to just about every populated area of the country.

Before: North American Street View map in October

After: North America on Street View

Of note is that now the entire Trans Canada Highway, from St. John’s to Victoria (or Sydney to Vancouver, if you prefer) is on Street View. If someone wants to waste a lot of time, they can construct a video simulating a drive from one end of the country to the other.

The Great Pavement Change on Highway 40/417 at the Quebec-Ontario border

It’s not everywhere, though. There’s nothing from the GaspĂ© peninsula, nor anything northeast of Tadoussac.

Southern Quebec is well blanketed by Street View

Montreal and its suburbs

But in and around Montreal, almost every road now has Street View, including some that for some reason were previously left off (like an area around Roxboro).

4 thoughts on “Street View expands in Canada

  1. Rich

    Good Grief! Pegman dons a helmet and straps on the boards for a few runs down Whistler/Blackcomb!,+bc&sll=30.756577,-88.103056&sspn=0.029356,0.032916&g=whistler&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Whistler,+Squamish-Lillooet+Regional+District,+British+Columbia,+Canada&ll=50.06092,-122.944002&spn=0,359.993852&t=h&z=18&layer=c&cbll=50.061478,-122.943995&panoid=9vZoGFpEPNpHjWjft-8bUA&cbp=12,5.56,,0,4.5

    How cool is that?

  2. soup

    I wonder if the street view snomobile is going to help the athletes get a head start on the games by knowing what the slope looks like ahead of time.

    1. Rich

      Definitely not. After browsing around a bit I realized the snowmobile was restricted to the “roads”, aka the boring beginner runs that connect the various areas of the mountains in a near-horizontal fashion. It would’ve been dangerous to send the thing down (or even up) the more challenging terrain.

      Still, you gotta give props to the Google people for coming up with yet another way to pleasantly waste our time.


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