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Pete Marier hired as weekend anchor, cooking show host on CFCF

Pete Marier

Less than a month after his contract with CHOM ended, Pete Marier has a new job. He’ll be Tarah Schwartz’s co-anchor weekends at 6 and 11:30pm on CFCF.

The formal announcement is going out tomorrow, but sources confirmed the decision on Saturday. Marier is expected to start some time over the coming weeks.

In addition to his anchor duties, Marier will be starting a cooking show, tentatively titled “Cooking with Petey-Pie”, in which the former radio DJ explains to the audience how to make his signature award-winning dishes. It will air at 1pm weekdays after the noon newscast.

Marier is said to be thrilled with the opportunity to shed his tough-guy radio personality and embrace his true identity as a serious but sympathetic journalist and gourmet cook.

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          when are you coming here for a 4 month-later folo up invu

          As soon as I get a travel budget. With revenues of $0, that might take a while…


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