Murray Sherriffs being let go from The Beat

Murray Sherriffs

Almost three years after joining what was then 92.5 the Q, Murray Sherriffs is about to be unemployed again.

Sherriffs said he was told on Sept. 1 that the station was looking for a “different sound” and that he was being let go. His last day is Friday, Sept. 14.

It’s unusual that an on-air personality (particularly an opinionative one like Sherriffs) would be kept on for two weeks after being told he’s being canned. I don’t know if it speaks to the professionalism of Sherriffs or of management at Cogeco that he’s being allowed to work these two weeks (and, presumably, will get a chance to say goodbye). Sherriffs says he and Beat program director Leo Da Estrela are friends, the departure is being handled with all professionalism.

Sherriffs joined the station that became The Beat in 2009, after he was similarly let go from CJFM as part of its rebranding from Mix 96 to Virgin Radio.

Give Sherriffs a shot

I can understand the reasoning that Sherriffs’s deep authoritative voice might not fit in with the cheery, up-tempo sound of The Beat. But his voice is unique enough that he really should have a voice in radio somewhere. It’s bad enough Pete Marier is still looking for a job.

Unfortunately, the lack of competition in Montreal English radio limits Sherriffs’s options. Once Bell takes over Astral (and if its plans for CKGM are approved), there will be only two players in town in commercial English radio, and Sherriffs has been let go from both, apparently merely because his sound didn’t fit.

There’s hope on the horizon with an application in front of the CRTC for a talk radio station at 600 AM by the Tietolman-Tétrault-Pancholy group. That application is being considered at the CRTC hearing that begins Monday (it’s a non-appearing item, so there won’t be discussion of it). It will be weeks, perhaps months before it’s approved (though approval is likely), and not until 2013 that it begins operation. And there are just so many out-of-work veterans from other stations they can pick up.

Beat program director Leo Da Estrela confirmed that Sherriffs is leaving on Sept. 14 and that they’re looking for someone to replace him, but didn’t give any further comment.

29 thoughts on “Murray Sherriffs being let go from The Beat

  1. Jean Duggan

    Murray has enough personality, and enough voice, to have his own show.
    I cried when he was let go from Mix 96, and now the tears are starting again.
    When will this stupidity end???
    Best wishes, Murray, for your future.

  2. Marc

    In the 90’s he was on the Weather Network before it moved to the 905. He was also a news reader on CJAD in that decade.

    Pete Marier is a fill-in on The Beat. It’s very odd hearing him introduce songs by Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Lady GaGa, et al.

  3. Jordan

    Very surprised they let him go, he has a distinct and spectacular golden age voice for talk radio, the kind of voice you hear in real markets like New York, Los Angeles and Chicago

    It would be smooth to hear him on talk radio

  4. Sheldon

    If you look at the job posting appearing on to find Sherriffs’ replacement, it’s quite obvious to see that they want to replace a “personality” with just a person. No doubt the replacement will probably come in at a substantially reduced payroll cost. Just how much news content is there on any of these music stations anyway, so they probably want to spend as little money and effort on news coverage as they can get away with. Here are the specifics of what they are looking for to fill the position.


    The News Reader gathers and receives information, writes and edits the appropriate scripts for newscast copy according to the sources of information available to him/her, inserts the appropriate audio segment in the text, and may be called upon to do phone interviews with appropriate people to cover news stories. He/she may have to review the material with the program director/news director. Once completed, he/she is required to anchor the newscast from the news booth. He/she will do the recording without the help of a technician on the Company’s equipment and may be required to update sections of the radio station website during the course of his/her shift. May be called upon to perform co-host duties.

    Upon request from his/her manager, he/she may be asked to deliver on-air news bulletins, as well as weather reports, sports, business or any other news related information.


    • 3-5 years’ experience as a newscaster
    • Ability to handle stress well and process information quickly
    • Comprehension of French
    • Confident and compelling on-air delivery, style
    • A very driven individual willing to work hard to produce superior radio programs.

  5. Irene

    I have listened to Q92,and now the Q for years and it seems all those I enjoyed listening to are gone. Not to say that the others who are there aren’t great but… first Aaron and Tasso, who were great together, and now Murray. What a let-down

    1. Ingrid

      I agree with Irene’s comment. I love Murray Sherriff. He is witty, intelligent and fun. I miss him and I can’t wait until he is back on the air somewhere because that is the station I will be listening to.

  6. Raymond maltais

    The glory days of Aaron, Tasso, Murray and Suzanne are gone and it is sad. They were great as a team. But quality endures! Aaron, Tasso and Suzanne found new homes. A guy of Murray’s level of excellence will surely fine a new home as well.
    Good luck to you Mr Sherriffs.

  7. Sue

    It’s really too bad!
    Aside from his sense of humor and intellect, Murray has an amazing voice that I really enjoy listening too. That’s the reason I listened to Q92.

    Best wishes Murray, no one can replace you!

  8. Neil K.

    I know you’ve been kinda’ busy this week, Steve, but did you or anyone get any audio of Murray’s farewell? I listened from 8:30 to 9:00 a.m. and didn’t even hear anyone mention his name.

    1. Fagstein Post author

      I know you’ve been kinda’ busy this week, Steve, but did you or anyone get any audio of Murray’s farewell?

      I didn’t get a chance to listen in that morning, but he said he wasn’t interested in any farewell speech or anything.

  9. Sandra

    Cat Spencer made a brief mention before Murray’s 8:00 newscast. He also thanked him for his years of work at the station.

  10. Neil K.

    Thanks Sandra. I guess he didn’t do a newscast at the bottom of the hour–I deliberately tuned in to hear what I thought would be his final cast.

    I know Steve posted that Murray said he didn’t want a big send-off or much fuss, but I expected some acknowledgement it was his last day. I guess I woke up half-an-hour too late to catch it.

    He’s gone from the list of station personalities on the station website but still appears on the morning show group shots. His name is still listed on the “Contacts” page but then again so is AJ Reynolds’s.

  11. Stan

    Marc wrote>>> Pete Marier is a fill-in on The Beat. It’s very odd hearing him introduce songs by Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Lady GaGa, et al.

    Bad Pete has lost his meat going to 92.5. He’s gone soft. Wonder what his wife thinks?

  12. mercedes

    what a bad decision! if you ask me, murray gives a breath of fresh air to the team. not all your listeners are teeny boppers like you’d want it to be. i am 50 yrs. old and enjoy the crack of jokes and diversity that the station used to have.

  13. Cat

    I have to say that I am not that upset at this change. I was offended by quite a few of his remarks (like after a woman got beaten up by her ex he called her stupid for going back to the place she shared with him to pick up her stuff). Personally I just want to hear the news – the facts – in the morning.

    1. Mark

      Does that mean you think she was sensible to go back there? When it comes to his commentary on the news articles both my wife and I found he often said out loud the same thing that we were thinking.

      1. Angela

        Mark, I totally agree with you! His comments were quite often what most people were thinking. I looked forward to the news to hear his voice. He reminds me of the old style newscasters with the deep voice! He would laugh at himself when he messed up or did something funny! I really liked his Murray moments! I didn’t know he had been let go until I decided to Google him and saw the Fagstein article. He will be missed!!

  14. Veronica

    It’s not that I’m slow or anything…..why is it that when a well known, well liked personality like Murray gets canned it is as if they disappear from the face of the earth? I thought Murray might be on vacation seeing as Ken Connor is replacing him but when I realised that his name is NEVER mentioned on air, well, that required a Google search. Imagine my dismay! Watch out Sarah and Donna – will you be next??

    1. Fagstein Post author

      why is it that when a well known, well liked personality like Murray gets canned it is as if they disappear from the face of the earth?

      He wanted it that way. No drawn-out goodbyes.

  15. Frank

    Interesting that now he identifies himself as Murray Sherrifs in the Electrika ads; before it was “Hi, it’s me again…”

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