Global adding national morning show

Global announced on Wednesday that it is launching a new national morning show on Jan. 7. The half-hour show, hosted by Liza Fromer, would air live at 9am in Montreal and other Eastern Time markets, 8am 10am in the Maritimes, and on tape-delay at 9am in the rest of the country.

For most stations, this program would be led into by the local morning news show. This will include Montreal, though we’re still not closer to knowing when exactly a new morning show will launch here, except for the vague “early next year.”

The new show wouldn’t compete directly with CTV’s Canada AM, and might not stack up too well against other shows that air at 9am, but it has to do better than 100 Huntley Street.

Between this new show, the local morning shows (which are part of a promise to the CRTC when Shaw bought Canwest) and the planned March launch of Global’s B.C. One regional news channel, it’s clear that Shaw is putting lots of money into developing news at Global.

Not enough to put local control rooms back into smaller markets, but still quite a bit.

4 thoughts on “Global adding national morning show

  1. Matt

    im surprised they didn’t make the show a full hour. Either way the show will at least do well in the west as the local morning shows in BC and Alberta will provide a strong lead-in and well as you said anything will do better then 100 Huntley Street.

  2. Simon

    Should it be aired at 10 in Maritimes? It doesn’t make any sense for me that Global would air their national morning show in Maritimes at 8(Which is 7 ET) when the show live at 9 ET.

    1. Fagstein Post author

      Should it be aired at 10 in Maritimes?

      You’re right. I got the time thing backwards. It’s 10am in the Maritimes, so simultaneously with the 9am Eastern live show.

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