Camille Ross leaves CTV for Global Montreal

Camille Ross (CTV photo)

Camille Ross (CTV photo)

As we begin a year that will involve a lot of new high-profile jobs in broadcasting, it’s inevitable that some of those will be filled by people already on the air who decide to move up by jumping to a competitor.

We’ve seen our first such move already: CTV Montreal reporter Camille Ross has been hired by Global to join their new morning show set to launch this spring.

Global News spokesperson Nick Poirier confirmed the news on Thursday, saying she will be joining the cast of the new show, but wouldn’t get into details because they weren’t ready to announce just yet.

Ross herself wouldn’t comment on the news, instead referring to Poirier for comment.

Ross grew up in Toronto and went to Ryerson University. She worked at the CTV station in Yorkton, Sask., and Global News in Regina before coming to Montreal to fill a maternity leave at CFCF.

CTV Montreal News Director Jed Kahane said he understood Ross’s motivations, pointing out that she was a freelancer for CTV when she left, and the prospect of full-time employment was an opportunity too good to pass up. Kahane said CTV wishes her well, in that way every employer wishes their former employees well in their future endeavours.

Kahane said CTV still has a rich bank of freelancers that it can continue to rely on to cover the news.

Global announced last month that Jim Connell and Rob Ostiguy had also been hired to run the morning show. Other hires, including other on-air personalities, have not yet been announced, nor has a start date.

(Hat tip to Mike Cohen, who revealed the news on Twitter on Wednesday evening.)

5 thoughts on “Camille Ross leaves CTV for Global Montreal

  1. Teddy Lariviere

    If you close your eyes and just listen to the voice, you’d think Camille was a 9 year old kid.

    Whatever happened to Mark Shalhoub by the way? Where’s he working nowadays?

    1. Gazoo

      Not to mention CTV Montreal has added a gentleman by the name of Max doing reports lately.
      Have not seen Dereck Conlon latley either.

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