Elliott Price ends show on CFMB

Elliott Price

UPDATE (Feb. 8): Sportsnet has announced that Elliott Price will be co-host of the morning show on Sportsnet 590 The Fan in Toronto.

Elliott Price is pulling the plug on Sportsnet Tonight after a year on CFMB 1280 AM.

In a statement posted to Facebook, Price thanked sponsors, contributors and listeners, but had a message for those who didn’t choose to advertise, as well as Montreal’s English community in general:

Many had a chance to advertise and chose not to.
Although reaching out to you was not one of my strengths.
I hope in the future you can see past your wallets.

If you have a chance and a few dollars and think it important, please invest in our future or soon none of us will live here or our culture will be completely gone.

Price said he’ll take a vacation as he contemplates what next to do with his life.

Price began airing a show on CFMB on Valentine’s Day 2016, three months after he was laid off by TSN 690. It started as a weekly Sunday night show called Price is Right, but was upgraded to a two-hour daily show in June. In August, it announced a deal with Sportsnet and changed its name to Sportsnet Tonight with Elliott Price. At the time, I asked whether the show was viable, and Price said it was about halfway to that point. It seems he couldn’t get it the rest of the way there.

Sportsnet Tonight’s final show is tonight, 8-10pm, on CFMB 1280 AM. There’s been no announcement of what will replace it on CFMB’s schedule.

6 thoughts on “Elliott Price ends show on CFMB

  1. Lorne

    The show might have been more successful had it been during other hours. It had competition from actual sporting events being shown on TV.

    1. Brett

      For sure it was on a time taken my TV shows and live sports.

      Didn’t get enough promotion. Family and friends wouldn’t have known about the show if I didn’t mention it. They always said it’s the last place they expected it to air.

  2. Mario D.

    Who listens to CFMB honestly ?
    I just did not think that this stint would be a long one being on a minor player in the market….It was a weak joint venture montage that was doomed from the start just begging for survival against the big boys.
    We need to face the fact that every radio station but Bell medias are minor….I do not agree with Price s comments about the role of the sponsors and/or the community. Reading that Bell media has it s own financial problems ( !!! ) due to increasing international competition (!!!) i see that the problem is deeper than Price thinks it is. It has nothing to do with the anglo market and community going down the drain but everything to do with Bell wiping out the local content for dividend s sake. Making more profit for their shareholders who could not care less about what language is spoken as long as it brings big bucks in. That all.

    1. Fagstein Post author

      We need to face the fact that every radio station but Bell medias are minor

      I think Cogeco Media would take issue with that, since they own the most popular radio station in Canada.


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