Journalists need to leave the echo chamber

Last week, I attended a panel discussion about the future of journalism, and specifically about public policies to support journalism and whether we still need professional journalists. I resisted going to such a discussion, but decided to go anyway because the panel had some interesting members. Tony Burman, the former CBC and Al-Jazeera executive; Kai […]

On successful Amber Alerts

CNN is reporting that a 13-year-old Florida boy has been found alive hours after he was abducted at gunpoint. Meanwhile, closer to home, the SQ located two Pierrefonds children who had been abducted by their mother (I think). Both cases sparked Amber Alerts, which prompted countless calls from the public, though in neither case it […]

Media News Digest: NNA noms, Lilly Singh gets late-night show, telecom bureaucrat in conflict of interest

News about news The Associated Press’s blind republication of press releases on its website has gotten it in hot water after a press release with right-wing misinformation got published this way. The pages include AP logos and could easily lead people to believe they are AP news stories. Several Canadian websites also automatically post press […]

Media News Digest: Vice loses in Supreme Court, DeMelt replaces Schwartz at CTV, Makos leaves City

News about news Maybe I'm being a little unfair. To provide the government's point-of-view, here's the list of their Access to Information progress, per the freshly-unredacted documents. — Justin Ling (@Justin_Ling) December 12, 2018 The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that Vice journalist Ben Makuch will have to turn over records related to […]

Quebec City still isn’t ready for its first English-language commercial radio station, CRTC finds

Evanov Radio’s controversial plan to launch Quebec City’s first English-language commercial radio station will have to wait some more after being denied again by the CRTC. In a decision released Thursday, the commission said the Quebec City radio market “cannot sustain an additional radio station at this time” and that the two applications for new […]

Remembering Randy Tieman

I don’t have that much original to say about Randy Tieman, who died unexpectedly at the age of 64. For that matter, neither do most of his colleagues. It’s not because he was unliked, or kept to himself, or hid his private life. The exact opposite, in fact. It’s because with Tieman, what you saw […]