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Bored this weekend? Get your geek on at the Geek Fest

It hasn’t gotten a lot of attention in the anglophone community (I guess that’s my fault?), but geeks from around town are converging this weekend for LAN parties, code fests, role-playing games and all sorts of other stuff at the Montreal Geek Festival.

Tickets are $12 for the weekend or $8 a day. The fun is at 752 Sherbrooke W.

And if you’re into board games and other non-computerized geekiness, there’s also the monthly Geek Outs at Burritoville on Bishop St. The next one is March 20 at 2pm. Attendance is free.

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Geeking out with Macadam tribus

Samurai Swords game at Geek Montreal's GeekOut

Samurai Swords game at Geek Montreal's GeekOut

Last month, as a small group of local geeks gathered at Burritoville for Geek Montreal’s kinda-monthly GeekOut, we were joined by a journalist from Radio-Canada, Stéphane Leclair, who wanted to do a story about the group for Radio-Canada’s Macadam tribus. The story was broadcast the next week and is available online here.

It includes a few short quotes from yours truly. (My interview was awful and I didn’t have anything interesting to say, so there’s a lot more from other attendees. Leclair also used a lot of editing to make us seem more interesting than we really were.)

For those interested, Al Kratina also talked a bit about Geek Montreal for The Gazette last year.

Sadly, Macadam tribus was one of the victims of CBC/RadCan’s 800 job cuts, and will disappear from the airwaves on June 20. That decision can be read between the lines of a piece on the disappearance of live overnight programming on radio, which aired this week.