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I … must … have … the MEDALLIONS

Proving once again that Canadiens fans will buy anything, the Gazette and the Journal de MontrĂ©al got involved in this scheme marketing idea whereby Couche-Tard would sell medallions for each player and would need a corresponding coupon from the newspaper to get it (actually, requiring the purchase of a newspaper to get such a thing creates legal implications, so you can bypass the newspapers altogether, but they hope you won’t notice that).

Unfortunately,the people involved didn’t realize how truly gullible Canadiens fans really are, and the medallions sold out in record time. Reports of people getting up at 4am every day and still not having any luck. Those who are lucky enough to get them are now selling them on eBay for $20 a pop, a 669% profit on the original $2.99 purchase price.

The two papers are falling over themselves apologizing for the shortfall and have ordered new ones, but they will only come in December. Suckers readers are being asked to hold on to their coupons until then.

Perhaps they’ll use that extra time to rethink spending $72 on glorified Pogs.

I’m sorry, I’m being told this scheme is keeping me employed. Please disregard all of the above.