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Gary’s got you covered!

Even though I have a love life that would make Eliot Spitzer feel bad for me, I always make sure I have some vi@gra and ci@lis at the ready in case the time comes and a wave of ED suddenly strikes.

But those drugs are so expensive. How does a guy get stiff without getting stiffed?

I don’t have those worries anymore, since I found Gary’s Vi@gra and Ci@lis Emporium. There, I can get my pills at prices as low as 2 cents apiece. Sure, they’re not blue or diamond-shaped, they don’t have the logo on them and they taste a lot like chalk, but at 2 cents who cares if you get a dud every once in a while?

And while I’m shopping there, I can get low-priced Rolex watches, Adobe software and all the incest porn I could possibly imagine.

Give them a shot, so they can give you a shot.

Moved by the Hawaii Chair!

Hawaii Chair

Ever hear of the Hawaii Chair? It’s all the rage. They’ve had it on Oprah, Dr. Phil, Ellen and all sorts of other shows. It’s been Dugg, YouTubed and talked about all over the blogosphere. Don’t you think it’s time you get in on the action?

The Hawaii Chair combines the ancient art of the Hula with patented health science technology to create a machine that takes the work out of your workout.

Rather than going through the trouble of walking, running, biking, jogging or doing other strenuous, time-wasting exercises, the Hawaii Chair does all your work for you, rotating your bottom and burning the fat while you sit at your desk eating donuts.

And for a limited time, you can buy your own Hawaii Chair for under $300!

Wouldn’t you like to get more informations?

I haven’t tried the chair myself, but the idea alone is enough to sell me. (I’ll get a free chair if this post is seen by at least 100,000 people, so when that happens I’ll update with a more comprehensive review). With a name like Perfect USA though, this company can hardly go wrong.

Be sure to check out some of their other ingenious devices that will save you time, make you healthier and guarantee six-pack abs forever.

Snap Shots(TM) are so convenient!


If you haven’t had the chance to use Snap Shots(TM) yet, then you’ve been missing out.

Snap is one of the largest distributed media networks on the Internet, already reaching 9% of the US audience (WOW!) and 35 million unique global users each month in 48 languages. Over 100 times per second, they reveal the content that users want, in the best form possible, and deliver it to them right where they are, without forcing them to click links or conduct searches.

Snap Shots (TM) products are used on over 2,000,000 websites and blogs. That’s pretty impressive, and a clear sign that these folks are doing something right. Why would 2 million people use something that wasn’t worth their while?

The way Snap Shots (TM) works is very simple: You install some code in your browser or website, and then when you hover over links, it shows a snapshot of what that link will look like. You can see a webpage before you even go there! Isn’t that way cool?

Because they’re a good corporate citizen, and there are always crazy people out there who are afraid of new technology, Snap even provides a way for people to opt out of the system, disabling it completely.

So there’s nothing to lose. Why not give it a shot?

Motorola headset saves my neck!


Back when I was freelancing a lot more than I am now, I did a lot of interviews over the phone. It would always be tiring holding the phone to my ear and typing at the same time.

So I was glad when I got a Motorola H3 Bluetooth Headset, which Overstock.com is selling at rock-bottom prices. You would be stupid to not take advantage.

The inexpensive headset has so many features I can barely list them. For example, it comes with an integrated echo system, which allows whomever you’re talking to to hear their own voice as they do so. Some might call that an annoyance, caused by the fact that the microphone is so close to the speaker, but I think it’s an awesome way for people to know whether or not they’re talking.

Also way cool is the single blue LED on the outside. While some electronic devices have multiple status LEDs, this headset has only one, which blinks with different patterns to tell you what it’s doing. In as little as 15 seconds, you’ll know whether the headset is on, off, charging, charged, on a call, in setup or ringing.

Completing this keep-it-simple philosophy, the device also has only one button to control everything. (Well, not quite, it has a couple of volume buttons too, but everything is important is controlled through the big button.) Want to answer a call? Press the button. Want to redial? Press the button? Turn it on? Press the button. Turn it off? Press the button.

It takes a while to get used to how long to press the button. But even if it redials instead of turning off like it did for me numerous times, that’s ok. It’ll just cause your mom to call you back wondering what’s going on, and you can never talk to your mom too much.

The Motorola H3 Bluetooth Headset is fantastic, and I would so crazily recommend it even if they weren’t giving me $2 to write a blog post about it.

And for you drivers out there, remember that starting today, Quebec law requires hands-free technology in order to operate cellphones while driving. Why not take this opportunity to upgrade to H3?