Dollar Cinema is dead. Long live Dollar Cinema

Tonight, in order to overcome an incredible surge of boredom, I went to Dollar Cinema to catch Casino Royale with the new Bond, Daniel Craig.

As I entered I noticed the Dollar Cinema is now a $2 cinema. It’s still worth going (popcorn and soda are still $1), but on principle it seems strange. Kind of like seeing stuff at the Dollar Store that’s more than a dollar.

The movie itself was OK. Craig makes a believable (though incredibly naive) Bond. But … is there a second part to this movie or something? I feel unsatisfied. He doesn’t even get a girl at the end! (Sorry if that spoiled it for you)

4 thoughts on “Dollar Cinema is dead. Long live Dollar Cinema

  1. Bram Eisenthal

    Do you seriously have a problem with Dollar Cinema charging $2 for admission and $1 for everything else you can get there? Are you even remotely aware what it costs to see a movie at a regular venue these days? Try at least $20 for the film and snacks, up to $30 or more if you need to pay for parking. So, after losing his shirt running this place for so many years (and spending many thousands of dollars putting in new seats), owner Bernie Gurman decided to charge TWO bucks so that he could hang onto his pants.

    Man, talk about a fickle comment. One can only hope you are kidding, or just out of your mind.

  2. Fagstein Post author

    I don’t have a problem with a movie theatre charging $2 for admission. As I said, it’s still worth it and I go very often.

    I just find it weird that a movie theatre is charging $2 for admission and calling itself “Dollar Cinema”.

    1. Bram Eisenthal

      That’s the name and has been since day one. It’s brand recognition. And I don’t think that anyone really takes issue with that…. at least not till they start charging $5 or $10 per film, which won’t happen. I dunno… but changing the name to Tooney Cinema or Two Dollar Cinema seems sort of silly, esp. considering that he’d need to change everything with Dollar Cinema already on it, including his signs. I think it’s just amazing that you can actually SEE a movie on a big screen today for 2 bucks. At least the guy’s not a pig, as most in that business are, it seems.


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