Journalist, diss thyself (now with video)

So Concordia journalism prof Ross Perigoe was all like “hey Gazoo, you be all racist, mofo!

And Gazette editor-in-chief Andrew Phillips was all like “oh no you didn’t!”

And Ross was like “yuh-uh, I looked at 362 articles you done published just after 9/11 and you be all negative ‘gainst Muslims, biatch!”

And Andrew was like “why you be all up in our journalists’ face man?”

And Ross was like “hey man, hate the game, not the playah, yous peeps be cool, yo, they’s just part of the oppressive system.”

Ross be all done write a thesis ’bout this cuz he got no life.

And so Ross was like “you didn’t do enough to fight back against racist tendencies, you white-ass crackah”

And Andrew was like “dude, it was right after frickin’ 9/11! What are you, brain damaged or somethin’?”

And then this guy Rachad was like “Ross dude, you need to review your methodology.”

And Andrew was like “oh snap! Pwned!”

And there was a Gazette journalist right there and he wrote about the whole thing. Dude.

UPDATE: YouTube has video of the question period. Perigoe’s speech and Phillips’s rebuttal are on Google Video.

The Concordian covers it here.

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