Meters won’t be “parkavenued”

With the success of the Park Ave. citizens’ revolt, a group of angry drivers is trying to get a similar thing started with parking meters. To get the point across, they’ve coined the term “parkavenue” in an effort to strike fear in the heart of politicians.

The problem is that a lot of the people behind the Park Ave. protest, young tech-savvy Plateau residents, don’t own cars and care about the environment. They aren’t likely to support this cause.

This protest is instead being run by the business interests. Those who want to eliminate reserved bus lanes and turn the entire downtown core into a gas-guzzling parking lot. They want to reduce fees, reduce hours and create more of those eyesore private lots.

Sorry, I’m not buying it.

One thing they will get my support for is eliminating parking meters on Sundays. I’m against Sunday fees not because I want to encourage driving downtown or because I care about businesses, but because I want to help cut down on drunk driving. There are no studies to help prove my case (I’m a blogger, I don’t need evidence for my opinions), but common sense dictates that people will be more likely to drive under the influence on a Saturday night if they know they can’t leave their car and come back for it in the morning, lest they find a ticket in their windshield.

One thought on “Meters won’t be “parkavenued”

  1. Jon

    I totally agree with you about the way ‘parkavenue’ cannot be applied in the case of parking meters. I never thought about the Sunday-drunk driving connection. Why can’t we have people who think like that in city hall?


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