School rules are stupid

The Ottawa Citizen has an opinion piece which makes a lot of sense. It says schools shouldn’t put blanket bans on cellphones, digital audio players, digital cameras and anything else electronic and handheld, because these devices have legitimate uses.

When I was in high school, they had a lot of rules that either were unenforceable or just didn’t make sense. They banned public displays of affection. They banned visitors. They banned name-calling (a lot of good that did). They banned gossip. They banned fire. They banned juniors buying things during lunch.

The most annoying rule they had in place when I was a student was the rule that said you couldn’t go to your locker during lunch. It was a stupid rule. It meant any lunch I ate either had to be completely disposable, or I’d have to carry it around everywhere – to the library, to lunchtime activities – until the bell sounded ending lunch.

And this was before they started coming up with the really stupid stuff…

2 thoughts on “School rules are stupid

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  2. Niggy-Piggy

    Wow thats sad. I never thought rules could be so annoying! I am doing a speech on annoying school rules, and I totally agree with your thoughts.


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