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Who are these people?

I stopped by Concordia tonight to check out the post-election CSU party at Reggie’s Bar. The polls closed in the evening and it’s not usually until the wee hours of the morning that the ballots are completely counted and the results given in one shot.

Unfortunately, it was cold outside, way too loud and crowded inside, and I didn’t really know anyone there. Besides, I already know how the results are going to look like.

Multiple sources have told me that for the CSU executive, the right-wing Unity slate has pulled ahead with a significant margin and is expected to win by about 1,000 votes. The Council is about evenly divided between the two groups’ supporters. And the referendum questions – some about increasing fees, the rest pointless opinion surveys – are almost all destined to fail.

We’ll see when I wake up later today whether any of that was correct.

UPDATE: Did I call it, or what?

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