Everyone wants to get rid of ad trucks

The latest petition being circulated online is for the removal of “ad trucks” from downtown roads. Its 142 signatures so far is nothing compared to the signatures on petitions such as putting more Habs games on Hockey Night in Canada (3690), stop the renaming of Avenue du Parc (5353), save the Fraser Hickson library (1441) and the whopping 24,279 on the Save the Expos petition, which I guess wasn’t quite enough.

The problem with the ad trucks, as the politicians would tell us, is what kind of appropriate legislation there is to curb their use. Should they be banned outright, or just downtown? How do you define what an “ad truck” is, exactly? Is a plumber’s van with lettering on the side also something we should ban? What if that lettering was with lights? What if it was spinning?

If you’re interested in supporting other Montreal petitions online, here are some others to check out:

And, of course, the most important one: Bring Guns N Roses back to Montreal on their next tour (a paltry 14 signatures).

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