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Flicking brilliant

So apparently the NDP in Ontario is all lit up about the provincial government’s light use campaign called “flick off”, in which a Richard Branson campaign uses a rounded font and tight tracking to encourage teenagers’ dirty minds (kind of like what FCUK has been doing since … well, ever). This is their logo:

Flick Off

Tabs on the website include “Who needs to flick off?” and “Go flick yourself”.

Here’s the NDP’s response to the juvenile innuendo of the campaign:

The slogan’s font is clearly designed to make flick look like a four-letter-word. New Democrat Peter Kormos reacted by saying it “blows his flicking mind” how Broten could be involved with the campaign, which includes stickers and T-shirts. “I think it’s a flicking embarrassment.”

Maybe I’m being silly about this, but does it make sense to criticize juvenile wordplay with the same juvenile wordplay?

3 thoughts on “Flicking brilliant

  1. Josh

    I’m partisan, and I adore Peter Kormos, so maybe I’m not the guy to ask, but I think putting it out there and following up on it are two different things.

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