What about 33 73 3B 26…?

I’ve been following the 09 F9 thing (or as Wikipedia calls it, the “AACS encryption key controversy“) for a while now, but haven’t seen much local commentary about it (other than people posting the illegal number to their blogs).

But Galacticast, the Montreal-based sci-fi parody show, put together a brilliant parody of LOST incorporating the number. It’s worth taking a look. (They’re also shilling for charity, so check that out too.)

My take? Well, it’s not like we haven’t seen this before. It’s almost like that whole DeCSS thing. No, wait, it’s exactly like the DeCSS thing. So we’ll probably see a similar end result. The keys have already been changed, and new movies won’t be decodable with this number, so damage will be minimal. Besides, simply knowing the number won’t help the layman copy his HD-DVD and distribute it online.

But the damage to DRM’s reputation is clear, and irreversible.

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