Montreal: Home of pedophilia online

UPDATE: Macleans has a piece on pedophilia in Montreal in general, with a focus on Epifora.

A Seattle-based pedophilia website, with lists of events where sexual predators can find pre-pubescent girls to stalk, was shut down last month by Virginia-based Network Solutions.

Now it’s found a new home, at Montreal-based Epifora, and has re-launched.

Though the hosting provider’s terms of service state that any of its clients can be shut down for any reason, they also “accept controversial speech”, according to their homepage. They refused to comment on the pedophilia website, and it’s still online, which can only mean they support it.

Epifora is in turn hosted by Wisconsin-based Steadfast Networks, which lists “child pornography” as an example of “unacceptable content“.

Of course, the pedophilia website says it’s not doing anything illegal.

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