Global: Still with its head in the clouds

Global National’s Kevin Newman is moving. Starting next year he’ll be taking his weekday newscast from Vancouver to Ottawa as part of the CanWest news centre there.

As part of the launch of their fall TV schedule, CanWest had “reporter” Martha Worboy rewrite this press release into this “article”. It’s a one-source story (Newman), but I suppose I can’t blame her. I mean, it’s not like there were any people representing dissenting opinions easily available for her to interview.

Oh wait, there were. Both the Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star noticed the giant protest outside, where people like Gordon Pinsent and Colin Mochrie were complaining about Global’s (and other private broadcasters’) pathetic failure at promoting Canadian-produced television. I guess Worboy didn’t have the space to talk about that while reciting Newman’s CV.

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