Bah. Who needs search? (UPDATED)

There are five things wrong with this “Search Results” page. Think you can spot them all?

Search results

UPDATE: My readers are quick:

  1. It says there are four results but shows only three
  2. It says “Displaying 1-10 of 4 results” which makes no sense
  3. “List of the 30 days Archived & Search” makes no grammatical sense
  4. None of the search results contain the search terms or have anything to do with them
  5. The stories that contain the search terms don’t show up in the search results

4 thoughts on “Bah. Who needs search? (UPDATED)

  1. heri

    * irrelevant results
    * it says it has 4 results but only 3 shown
    * the 3rd results doesnt seem to have the query words in it
    * 2 different results with different titles has the same content
    * no tips for searching for the user, who is now stuck (like “did you mean” or “change your search to…”

  2. Fagstein Post author

    The first two are definitely correct.
    I’ll give you a bonus point on your third.
    Your fourth point is included in the first: the content is part of sidebar content outside the article (which is all part of one big screw-up)
    And I won’t penalize them for a lack of an advanced feature.

    There’s two more. One technical, one editorial.

  3. princess iveylocks

    1-10 of *4* results

    3rd entry is from (not specifically the Gazette)

    titles 1+2 do not match their story (as it appears to be just one article)

    “List of the 30 days Archived & Search” is not a proper sentence in the English language

    no dateline on stories (not an error, just a stupid omission)

  4. Fagstein Post author

    Two points for 1-10 and the grammatical silliness.

    The third story is in fact from the Gazette (a problem related to previously-discussed errors).


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