Just call me Paula

PQ leader-in-waiting Pauline Marois has a campaign press release opinion piece in today’s Gazette, which I’m sure she wrote herself. In English.

How exactly is this not a waste of time and space? Does Marois really think Gazette readers will vote for the PQ in a general election, to say nothing about supporting her in a party leadership “race”?

Nevertheless, she makes her point:

First of all, the population isn’t ready to reopen a debate on the whole issue of Quebec sovereignty, nor does it want to get locked in a sterile discussion concerning the date, time, hour or mechanics of a referendum.

Holy crap. You mean voting against separation in two massive referendums has actually sunk in?

Marois goes on to make two demands recommendations for the future: promote sovereignty like it’s a Virgin Mobile cellphone plan to gain popular support before putting it to another vote, and start updating their social democratic platform (read: swing more toward the centre-right like the Liberals and ADQ).

Well, good luck with that.

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