What about Mr. Tremblay?

Michel Leblanc has an interesting on-the-other-hand take to the Zeke’s Gallery situation. He points out that Tremblay hasn’t been convicted of anything, and just because the media accuses him of something doesn’t make it true.

The point is well taken. Chris Hand shouldn’t be immune from prosecution for libel just because he’s a blogger.

But this whole mess was caused by Tremblay himself, who instead of sending an email with his side of the story (a side he hasn’t expressed publically, in part because of a confidentiality agreement with the Loto-Quebec thing and in part because he’s just chosen not to) sent a lawyer’s letter to Hand. Then, when Hand complied with the letter, he sent another more threatening one making more demands.

Tremblay (as far as I know) didn’t sue Radio-Canada, Le Devoir or the other media who first made these claims about him (UPDATE: He sued La Presse, who made much more outlandish statements about him, and lost). And despite an agreement which Tremblay implies was in his favour (as the paintings are still on display), the original press release which accused Tremblay of fraud is still online.

Hand and Tremblay (or their lawyers) meet in front of a judge tomorrow. Let’s hope they can still resolve this amicably.

3 thoughts on “What about Mr. Tremblay?

  1. Nadia

    Very interesting research you conducted here. The release still being online and that attempt at suing La Presse are important facts. I have to say, that the more M. Tremblay fights with the law the more he will make all sorts of facts resurface.

  2. Cedric Caspesyan

    I am very upset about this case. I’m very naive about law, but something I’d like to know…Is there any way to write to the court judges in care of this case and cry out our opinion? Because what I see here is someone quite cruel (aka mr. Tremblay) that is attempting to destroy a blog and what is one of the smallest Montreal gallery (asking for 60 000 dollars is what I mean by an act of destruction) just for the sake of waving his ego at the face of the Montreal art community, all this when his first fault seems to always have been hanging around when they were suspicious art stories in this town. Truly, the art community of Montreal is very small, and that man is only turning every backs against him every day that he persists with this affair. I don’t think he has any conception of who he’s dealing with. There is an art mafia, you know?? And it’s pretty fierce: I don’t even think any real mafia could touch that one.


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