CBC.ca doing some things right

Following my earlier critique of CBC.ca’s redesign (other blogs are weighing in, a list is compiled here), I should give them props for a good use of technology: Blog Watch.

I first noticed it when I saw I was getting traffic from a CBC article I had commented on. It turns out CBC is using services from Technorati for pingback-like features. It scours the blogs for links to CBC.ca news pieces, and links to those blogs in the sidebar. The Blogwatch page finds the most blogged about articles.

Though some have expressed concern that this will just elevate pop culture articles above important news pieces, I still like the idea. It provides direct, relevant links to the blogosphere automatically, and without sacrificing editorial quality.


I still hate your homepage though.

One thought on “CBC.ca doing some things right

  1. princess iveylocks

    Yeah, I like that; I also like the better visibility of cbc.ca’s own blogs. Their comment section (so far) has refrained from the utter idiocy that pervades the G&M, et al, and corrections are grey-boxed at the end of each article, which is a vast improvement too.

    I suggest you do as I did: bookmark the “News” subpage, and use regional sites of choice (I am partial to NB and Ottawa) to navigate from there.


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