Fire make light, go boom

Flickr has some photos from Wednesday’s fireworks display, which was truly magnificent.

If you’ll permit the descent into immaturity, OMG they were SO COOLLLL!!!!1111oneone

They had the big ones, the small ones, the plain and coloured ones, the multicoloured ones, the ones that change colour, the twirlers, the screamers, the ones whose embers randomly change direction, the ones that light up after a delay, and the ones that make a big bang.

The last ones are particularly fun because of where I was standing, in an empty lot near the port of Montreal just at the foot of the Jacques-Cartier Bridge. The sound was so powerful there was an echo off the bridge itself, and a second off an office building behind me. Other fireworks were so bright they lit up the bridge.

It was a powerful display that, just when you thought it was over with a big finish that puts 4th of July celebrations to shame, starts up with another act.

Can you believe there’s an entire season of this?

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