FS: Old sofa (FREE!)

Old sofa. Garish 70s colours. Broken back. Stained cushions. No guarantee against bug infestations. Pick it up within 10 feet of anywhere in Montreal today. Sorry, no deliveries.

Moving Day is here. Professional movers are all clocking in overtime, and everything from pickup trucks to business vans to out-of-service taxi cabs are being repurposed to transporting goods from one apartment to another. (And that doesn’t solve the problem of hauling furniture up those spiral staircases, something people are finding interesting ways around)

It’s at this point that many people realize that their old sofa, broken folding chair, sagging mattress or cheap IKEA bookcase aren’t welcome in their new home, and maybe it’s time to dump that 40-year-old TV that only goes up to channel 13.

Quick to pick at what’s left behind are the dumpster divers. Today is Garbage Christmas for them, assuming they have a vehicle large enough to bring that couch home.

Double-parking is so rampant that I’m starting to wonder if we’ll start seeing triple-parked cars on major streets.

And it just started raining. I’m glad I’m not moving today.

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