Music music everywhere!

Live Earth is all over cable TV today. With concerts happening all over the world, there’s too many feeds to be handled by one station, so they’ve split it up:

  • CTV is roving around, picking up from the different concerts as they become interesting
  • MuchMusic is showing pretentious alt-rock from New York
  • MuchMoreMusic has all the cool bands in London
  • MuchVibe, because they’re black I guess, is showing Johannesburg
  • Bravo has some cool stuff in Hamburg (this relieves me – I thought they were speaking French for a minute and was wondering why I couldn’t understand anything)
  • Star TV is showing the Brazilian hunks in Rio de Janeiro (I assume — it’s a cold day in hell when I add Star TV to my television lineup)
  • UPDATE: NBC has joined the fray as of 8pm with some highlights from the day (read: more Foo Fighters) — CTV is picking up the NBC telecast, throwing in their own commercials, and sending that feed to cable companies to put back on the NBC channels. Don’t you just love Canadian television broadcasting?

And while I have the floor, memo to the performers (Dave Grohl, listen up): It’s bad enough when other people usurp your music’s lyrics to suit their message (an entirely inappropriate repurposing of words based on a three-year-old’s understanding of what the chorus alone may be referring to), please don’t make me cringe by doing it yourself. That song is about how your ex-girlfriend dumped you, not about the need to conserve electricity by using fluorescent bulbs.

Thank you.

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