Looking for me? I’m hiding in the dark

No blog this week from me. Instead, Gazette intern and guest blogospherophile Jasmin Legatos has a profile of MTL Street. Don’t worry, I’ve got some more in the pipeline.

For those of you who desperately need a Fagstein Fix (and really, who doesn’t?), you can find me a couple of pages down as I present a Bluffer’s Guide to the new NASA Beyond Einstein program.

Funny story about that piece: Editor Peter Cooney (also the paper’s soccer blogger) called me up on Thursday and asked me to put together a Bluffer’s Guide for him. I’ve developed a reputation as someone who can be counted on to file last-minute, due to a combination of my lust for money and having no life. He suggested one about NASA, and I agreed, and started putting one together.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t listening properly, and wrote about the wrong mission. Instead of Einstein probes and dark matter, I wrote about the Dawn mission, exploring the two largest asteroids in the asteroid belt.


I ended up getting a call at 9:30 Friday morning. Fortunately I didn’t have anything to do (except sleep) that morning, so I put together the one you see here.

Let that be a lesson folks: NASA’s up to a lot of stuff, and you shouldn’t get your deep space probe missions confused.

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