Scoble has (some) scruples (UPDATED: Is Scoble noble?)

Casey McKinnon, my future wife the co-host of Galacticast (which promises to have a new show some time in the next eon) is speaking out about being burned by PodTech.

It’s a good lesson for techy startup companies who think that because they’re cool they don’t have to treat people with the same professionalism that other companies do.

Ripping off a photographer is a prime example. I’ve heard countless stories of small magazines asking for people to provide high-quality content free in exchange for only the “publicity” they would get from having their name beside it, and perhaps one day getting a few dollars.

Not having enough money to properly get your startup off the ground is one thing. But PodTech isn’t poor, it’s just lazy.

UPDATE: Credit where it’s due. Scoble has responded both here and on Casey’s post. It doesn’t negate the criticisms, but it mitigates them somewhat. Hopefully PodTech’s act will improve as a result.

5 thoughts on “Scoble has (some) scruples (UPDATED: Is Scoble noble?)

  1. Casey McKinnon

    Hehehe… love how this post starts, hilarious! For Lan, it’s all about people respecting his creative commons license. We’ve had so many companies doing the same for Galacticast… it clearly states that they can go ahead and share our work as long as they’re not making any money.

    Scoble just commented that industry standard for payment of that photo is $200-300, but they wrote him a check for $1000. The part Scoble is neglecting is the part that industry standard for payment of a copyright breach is more like $3000!

    Robert’s a good guy, but the facts need to be settled privately… via COMMUNICATION.


  2. Robert Scoble

    No, the industry standard “penalty” is 3x normal payment. Which is how we got to $1,000 and why there’s an impass.

    Personally we should have asked. If Lan tried to charge us such a fee then we would have gone to someone else.

    I guess this will end up with a judge figuring it out, though, unless I can get Furrier and Lan to see eye-to-eye.

  3. Fagstein Post author

    Not me. I just think the headline has a certain ring to it.

    If you’re serious about owning up to mistakes and being more professional in the future, then you’ll get all the credit (and karma) you deserve.

    Explaining yourself is a good first step. Keep it up.


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