New turnstiles in the metro

The STM has begun installing new turnstiles in the metro, starting at the De la Savane, Monk, Plamondon and Villa-Maria stations. The new turnstiles are designed to be used with electronic smart cards, which will allow the transit authority more control over payment (including, for example, establishing a zone system where you pay for how far you go).

Sadly, when eventually put into service along with the new electronic fare systems installed in buses last year, this will spell the end of Montreal’s notorious but still fully functional punch-card transfers.

4 thoughts on “New turnstiles in the metro

  1. Christopher DeWolf

    I noticed the ones at Monk awhile back after they first installed them. I’m glad the STM seems to have realized that people sometimes need to use the metro with shopping bags, strollers, luggage, etc.

  2. Fagstein Post author

    Only some of the new turnstiles will be of the gated variety. The rest will be the familiar three-bar turnstiles, just with a new electronic fare taker.


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