Water fight today at noon

Looking for something to do this afternoon? Not afraid of a little water? Montreal’s “Largest Water Fight” is scheduled for today (Saturday) at noon at Angrignon Park.

It’s being organized via Facebook, but for those who don’t want to sign up here’s the details:

  • Saturday, July 21, 12:00pm at Angrignon Park (Angrignon metro)
  • Bring water pistols, but nothing dangerous, no water balloons etc.
  • There’s rumours of barbecues on site
  • The Facebook group says it’ll end at midnight, but unless it’s the party of the century (you never know) it will probably only go a few hours
  • 980 confirmed guests (this has been in the works for months), with another 1,100 “maybe” attending
  • Not officially sanctioned, meaning the police could end up shutting this down before it even begins

Want to make a weekend out of having fun? Here’s some other free stuff going on:

  • Manhunt, 5pm Saturday at St-Laurent and René-Lévesque
  • Fireworks, 10pm Saturday on the Jacques-Cartier Bridge or the Port of Montreal (Papineau metro)
  • Anarchist soccer, 2pm Sunday at Wilfrid-Laurier Park (Laurier metro)
  • Scrabble, 3pm Sunday at Lafontaine Park

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