Un titre bilingue for a bilingual blog

This week’s blog is An Unexamined Life, written by an anonymous (well, I know who she is because she added me on Facebook) bilingual mother whose kids don’t know about it (hopefully they won’t figure it out). It’s another in the people-I-emailed-in-February- but-haven’t-spoken-to-since- so-they-probably-thought- I-forgot-about-them camp.

It’s a personal blog (sometimes feeling almost a bit too personal), and very poetic. Check it out.

My bank of blogs to profile is nearing empty, so I’m going to start another round. Know of any local blogs that should get more attention? Email me (blog at fagstein.com). Here are my preferred criteria:

  • Authored by a Montrealer or Montrealers, or about Montreal in some way (by Montreal I refer to the greater metropolitan area, including the West Island and nearby shores)
  • Updates often (at least once a week)
  • General audience (meaning not someone’s LiveJournal recounting their daily minutiae and friend dramas)
  • Unique in some way (interesting to read, interesting to write about)
  • Not one I (or somebody else) has already written about (search this blog’s archives for mentions)

7 thoughts on “Un titre bilingue for a bilingual blog

  1. swan_pr

    Steve, thank you so much for that nice article! As you say, February is long past, and things have changed again! Just this weekend (such weird timing) I told the kids about my blog. (I guess this in itself is post material… hehe). Regardless, thank you again for the very sensitive way you’ve presented it, I am truly touched :)

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