Corner Gas to pass wind in U.S.

A week after the U.S. premiere of Just for Laughs Gags comes news (Star, Globe, CanWest, CP) that CTV’s Corner Gas is being picked up by Superstation WGN out of Chicago (they already run Da Vinci’s Inquest as well as a number of syndicated U.S. reruns). There’s also rumours of Little Mosque on the Prairie being on some radars south of the border.

Compared to Just for Laughs, which probably won’t last the summer unless it capitalizes on a niche audience of deaf grandmothers, this sitcom probably has a better chance.

One thought on “Corner Gas to pass wind in U.S.

  1. Christopher DeWolf

    I’ve always enjoyed Corner Gas. It’s cornball humour but very amiable and unpretentious.

    As for Little Mosque on the Prairie, as must as I want to like that show, I find it painful to watch. It’s one groaner after another.


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