I stand by my choice

Montreal bloggers have some odd choices for fantasy vacations. (Marge Simpson? Really?)

Gimme some of this and some of that. Or maybe merge them somehow?

Speaking of YULblog, it seems Happy hates me. Why? Everyone loves me, especially dogs. Now you might argue (as Christelle did) that Happy has never met me before, and that it was in a bar packed with people and loud noises late at night. But I think it’s because Happy is a stupid, mean dog. She doesn’t even read this blog!

8 thoughts on “I stand by my choice

  1. SekhmetDesign

    Damn, you were at YulBlog and I missed you. Should have hanged out more with Christelle…
    Or is it that, since I have never seen your face before, I just talked with you and I did not grasp your name???

  2. Martine

    You shouldn’t be surprised at the fact that he chose Marge Simpson. Look at who he’s living with! ;-)

    And don’t worry: Happy also ran away from me! I don’t think she was too happy last night.

  3. Mama Fagstein

    Don’t worry I know a very big Black Labrador who likes you and does the happy circling dance when she sees you.


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