Gross negligence is an understatement

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Ever consider using GoJit or Dicom for deliveries? You might want to reconsider, because apparently they don’t keep track of their packages, and won’t reimburse you when gross negligence causes tonnes of merchandise to grow legs and disappear right under their noses.

Last week Quebec Superior Court ruled that the company was liable for $90,000 of boots that were lost in 2004. The company had offered a laughable $6,000 compensation when the 88 cartons over six palettes disappeared, and never called the police to report a theft.

Considering these actions take “gross incompetence” to a new level, the $118,307.65
judgment against them (plus interest retroactive to 2004) seems small.

UPDATE (Aug 8th): Just got off the phone with a VP at GoJIT. Apparently they haven’t received the decision yet from their lawyer, so won’t comment (too much) on the legal case. But apparently the compensation situation is an industry standard, and not just GoJIT policy. Look out for the interview in an upcoming article.

3 thoughts on “Gross negligence is an understatement

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  2. Lucie Cousineau

    Dear Mr.Faguy,
    We are a small agricultural producer, we make Ice Cider in Franklin, Québec. We found one of your articles on GOJIT dated august 2007. In august 2008 GOGIT made a transport of glass bottles for us between Lachine, Qc and Franklin and they damaged badly our merchandise during transportation. In fact they removed the original packaging material that was protecting the bottles against contamination and put in bulk all the bottles in dirty plastic containers with several broken bottles. We sued GOGIT for our loss and won our case on November 9, 2009 at La Cour des Petites Créances de Montréal.
    In its judgment the Judge stated that GOJIT was responsible of the damage and shall reimburse us, within 30 days, an amount $2,439 plus the 5% interest per year, plus an indemnity per article 1619 of Québec civil code and the juridical cost of $144.
    We have been waiting, but unfortunately no check came in the mail so far! Our next step is to seize GOJIT but this is more cash expenditure.
    Do you have any information on how other people handled similar situation with GOJIT?

    Lucie Cousineau
    JP Lepage
    La Pommeraie du Suroît
    Cidrerie artisanale
    1385 route 202
    Franklin Centre
    Québec J0S1E0

  3. Wendy Dawson

    I used the service for the delivery of a simple envelope from the Gaspésie to the Montreal area – shipped Friday morning for a Saturday delivery. Said simple envelope contains important travel documents and after being assured twice that Saturday delivery was possible, was notified by the recipient at 6pm Saturday, that the package had not been received.

    Several lies and misinformation later, I have been advised that the envelope is lost. That the envelope left Quebec, but after that, no idea where it is. No idea which truck it is on, no idea if it is in Montreal, or in another truck…….lost.

    The whole idea of sending things by courier is to ensure their safe arrival. $1200 plane ticket later……….not to mention the trial of getting new passports etc.



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