STM’s strike rebates coming this month

STM refund

As expected, the STM is offering a $3.50 refund for people who have May 2007 bus passes and had to endure a four-day maintenance workers’ strike that shut down service for more than half the day.

The details are in this STM press release, which, following their “Fuck You Anglos” policy, is available only in French.


  • The price ($3.50) will come off the September bus pass (making it $61.50 instead of $65). You can get a cash refund if you don’t plan to buy a September pass, but only at select metro stations (Angrignon, Lionel-Groulx, McGill, Berri-UQAM, Honoré-Beaugrand, Côte Vertu, Snowdon, Bonaventure, Mont-Royal, Jean-Talon, Montmorency and Longueuil–Université-de-Sherbrooke), at select times (6 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.) and on select dates (Aug. 20-24). Not that they’re making it hard or anything.
  • Reduced fare passes will be compensated $2.00, making a $35 pass $33.
  • You must still have the May 2007 bus pass, to prove you’re eligible. Hand it in when you buy your September pass at any metro station, and you’ll get a receipt for federal tax purposes.
  • Holders of TRAM-3 passes must use the Montmorency metro station or AMT points-of-sale (like the ones at Central Station and Windsor Station). It’s unclear if this also applies to TRAM-1 and TRAM-2 passes, but I imagine it would.
  • Holders of weekly passes can apparently go fuck themselves, since they already knew about the strike when they bought their passes. (The news says they’ve already been compensated, but I don’t remember that.)
  • The compensation is calculated based on the hours during the month that service was not provided (60% of the day for four days).

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