Wikitravel: A new beginning, or the beginning of the end?

Evan Prodromou has announced that he is reducing his level of involvement in the management of Wikitravel, and his wife is pulling out altogether.

Evan doesn’t say whether he thinks this is better or worse for the project (other than saying he’ll miss his wife’s contributions). I can’t help but be somewhat pessimistic. Going from people who have lived and breathed their own baby for years to a group of faceless developers in some far-away 9-to-5 office doesn’t scream “great new beginning” to me.

Hopefully I’m wrong.

One thought on “Wikitravel: A new beginning, or the beginning of the end?

  1. heri

    i guess you have to let go. to use his own metaphor, wikitravel was their baby. it s now an adult, and let it have its own life.

    and i thikn it’s better for evan. i think his new project vinismo rocks so he should spend more time and efforts there


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