I like to blog during the summer

Laurent has put up video from the August Yulblog where he went around asking people what their favourite summer activity was. (He’s been making the questions easier each month since people have had trouble answering — he threatened to make next month’s question “what’s your favourite colour” if people were still having trouble)

Of course, what you’re looking for is at 1:49: Me.

Me at Yulblog

I got at least one comment that I wasn’t recognizable from the nose up in that tiny photo at the top of my blog, so here you go. That’s what I look like.

Ladies, the line starts here.

5 thoughts on “I like to blog during the summer

  1. SekhmetDesign

    It was because of the hair. They are short in your header, but longer on the video. But now, I have a clear visual.
    And I remember you: you wanted my friends to take a pic of my boobs…
    Yeah Yeah, I know it was a joke (I hope :P )

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