Jack Todd doesn’t like blogs

Jack Todd, bl0g d00d

Jack Todd doesn’t like blogs.

I suppose it’s somewhat ironic that the Monday Morning Quarterback column, which prides itself on using as many consecutive ampersands, question marks and exclamation points as possible (33 exclamation points in a row this week) makes fun of the grammar of some teen blogs. (The fact that Todd’s entire exposure to blogs seems to be reading the grammatically-challenged rantings of immature teens might also be cause for concern.)

I think Mr. Todd just isn’t reading the right blogs. May I suggest this one? I use l33t only in jest.

UPDATE: Totally missed this post from Mike Boone defending bloggers’ honour. The comments attached to it are typical anti-Todd trolling.

10 thoughts on “Jack Todd doesn’t like blogs

  1. Bob Goyetche

    Don’t worry about Jack – He’ll be happy again once the Expos come back.

    For the record, I enjoy Mike Boone’s blog way more than I ever enjoyed reading MMQB.. So I guess I’m not his target audience anyway.. but if I could do like him and copy/paste the last 2 paragraphs of the same column each monday and still get paid, I’d do it too.

  2. Fagstein Post author

    And yet he has an uncanny ability to invoke reactions in an era where newspapers are becoming increasingly irrelevant. Even negative reactions are still reactions.

  3. Chris

    Who is this guy and why is he working for a newspaper? The quality of this article is right up there with something my cat would write or my grocery list.

  4. BizarroRonJeremy

    Unfortunately, JT has been part of the Gazoo for many years.

    It hurt to read his page 2 (or 3) column and his MMQB is even worse.

    It’s incredible how he can stand on a platform and categorize people as heroes or zeroes rarely explaining why 80% of them should be in either category.

    He lacks any credibility in the sports dept to qualify as provocative.

    And sadly his song writes a video game column on Saturdays. He doesn’t really write about video games but rather talks about how one platform sucks harder than another…

    Too bad the Weekly World News folded…they could’ve used those two.


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