Benny Farm: cold and mouldy but environmentally sustainable (kinda)

Kazi Stastna has a report on Benny Farm’s building problems which are pissing off its residents and has already helped kill one.

The problems fall into a few very familiar categories: Finger-pointing when more than one organization is involved, low quality from a low bidder, and experimentation with new technologies that inevitably fails half the time.

It’s what happens when you make guinea pigs out of low-income families.

2 thoughts on “Benny Farm: cold and mouldy but environmentally sustainable (kinda)

  1. Wanderer

    why is the government building homes for randomly selected poor people anyway? it’s far more sensible to give a wider range of poor a subsidy for their rent.

  2. B. Grant

    What do you think of Russel’s plan to vanquish Benny Park? Did you believe him [ & others ] that the sports center would be constructed on the Benny Farm site, purchased for that reason, & then sold to developers who are now building condo’s? Do you believe him when he says they’re going to raze Benny Park? I do. My memory isn’t as long as yours; when was the last time a west-end M.N.A. was actively involved in demolishing a sacred green-space, a people’s park, a city park, a treasure, that he even gloat’s about this shady affair in his flyer? Applebaum & Copeman allowed the Fraser Hickman to smother, now without a mandate, they’re going to run a ” Re-name Benny Park contest.” Open to west-end residents only. The grand prize being a lamenated, autographed picture of Benny Park, pre-2008. Do you think these carpetbagger’s children have ever played in B.P.? Nah, I don’t think so. But with Applebaum’s background in real-estate & condo’s going up where they said the complex would be, what are Copeman & Co.’s next domination? If they could annex Cote St. Luke they would. Be thankful Meadowbrook is beyond their reach. B. Grant


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