YASTGB: Year One – A freshman diary

For the second time in as many days, a new blog has appeared on the Gazette radar. Year One, by new university students Michelle Wong and Nori Evoy, chronicles the two girls’ first year.

Evoy introduces herself in the blog’s first post. She’s from Hudson and is somewhat of a celebrity in the tiny island of Anguilla as the webmaster of Anguilla-Beaches.com. The story of her online venture and the profits they made her is all over every “how to make a fortune online” website, including her father’s. (The site uses her as a case study)

UPDATE (Sept. 10): Michelle Wong introduces herself.

One thought on “YASTGB: Year One – A freshman diary

  1. Ken Evoy

    Nice blog.

    But I object to “sitesell.com” being referred to as ““how to make a fortune online.” Do a little homework and you’ll find that we remove barriers that enable ordinary people with motivation to build businesse online, either entirely new ones or sites to leverage existing offline business.

    It’s fine to be flip and some affiliates do go over the top, so you are not entirely wrong. But our Web site, sitesell.com, is a Top 1000 site and a true Montreal success story because we really do enable small business people to succeed online. So it’s fine to be flip, but please be accurate when you are — we are not a “how to make a fortune online” website.

    If you read just the home page, http://www.sitesell.com, you’d see we are the opposite of GRQ and oppose all the schemes that are out there. If my daughter read this, she’d likely be quite disturbed at you associating her with the seamier side of the Web.

    And, in the name of balanced journalism, refer your readers to case-studies.sitesell.com and you’ll see that we showcase retired people, entrperneurs, folks from all walks of life with all sorts of businesses. Nori is just one of twenty or so detailed case studies and the fact that she can pick up SBI! and do what she has accomplished with it pretty much speaks for what we help people do.

    Thanks for listening.

    All the best,
    Ken Evoy
    President, SiteSell.com


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