Language police do good for a change

The Office québécois de la langue française has recently announced a deal with video game manufacturers concerning providing French-language games in Quebec. It will require, as of April 2009, that all games with a French equivalent sell that version here if it wants to sell and English version.

The deal, reached after months of discussions, is fair, reasonable, practical, and common-sense. It protects the rights of French consumers while limiting inconvenience to anglophone ones.

The OLF did this.

No kidding.

Hopefully this is just a first step in a change toward positive, realistic actions designed to promote the French language instead of restricting the rights of non-francophones.

1 thoughts on “Language police do good for a change

  1. Eggman Robotnik

    I just hope they will not take the European version, put it in NTSC and send it to us. That would mean we would get a new game so much later compared to the rest of Canada and US.
    And I noticed Super Mario Galaxy was translated in French from France and it’s not understandable! They use expressions I never heard before.

    All the games should be in a French language understood everywhere, using expressions known in both Québec and France. But please, do never dub the Mario or Sonic characters’ voices. They’re just great in English, or better yet, in Japanese.


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