Balcony BBQ taboo

Did you know it’s illegal to barbecue on a balcony in Côte-Saint-Luc?

Apparently the law isn’t really enforced, and politicians are looking at ways to change it, according to The Chronicle’s Martin Barry (who uses three different spellings for “barbecue”).

What’s interesting about the law is its motivation. It’s not the act of barbecuing on balconies that’s dangerous, it’s taking propane tanks up elevators. So now they’re considering allowing people to take propane tanks up elevators if they’re alone.

If propane tanks on elevators are the problem, why not just restrict propane tanks on elevators?

(There’s also the point that fire truck ladders only go so high — which worries me because even propane-less apartments may need them someday — and that tanks are necessarily stored too close to the building’s doors and windows.)

Even if the laws are meant to stop real dangers, can’t we make them a bit more common-sense?

6 thoughts on “Balcony BBQ taboo

  1. Zoey Castelino

    Toronto has the same law. Yet, the building manager told my friend they could BBQ as long as the propane wasn’t brought up in either the elevator OR stairwell. I guess hanging a rope over the balcony and pulling it up is always an option.

    That’s why I’m glad I have a house.

    How many wieners do ya want? ;)

  2. michael bergeron

    I think propane tanks are ok if small, 5LBS or so , the problem is people dont take care and that kills, is that not the way it always is .

  3. Anonymous

    Allegedly insurance companies forbid you to barbecue on a wooden balcony. Which makes sense, since my neighbour forgot his briquettes hibachi and the radiant heat burned down the balcony!


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