7 thoughts on “Ad company needs image lesson

  1. HCD

    The photo of the oncoming bus is reversed. It is essentialy an old-fashioned 35 mm film “negative.”

    I am hoping to make a very decent offer for the Marois mansion with my share of the revenue!!!

  2. GoldfishNamedFluffy

    Who cares if the bus is reversed? More glaring inconsistencies include: the PINK Our Products page and the gray box of the Portfolio page occupying the full column rather than a neat little square at the top, like the other pages.
    Now that the cheque’s gone, maybe you can pay me in ice cream. yumyumyumyum

  3. kevin

    It looks to me like we’re looking INTO a wing mirror — so the image of the bus ought to be reversed, as it would appear in a mirror.

  4. kevin

    It makes no sense to me either. I assume they’re making an attempt at something stylish? It’s too hard to tell we’re looking into a mirror, so the style is diluted if not lost entirely.


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